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How to Prepare Your Home for Furnace Installation

Jun 3

furnace installationIf you have a new furnace installed, you can do a few things to make the process go as smoothly as possible. There is a lot of preparation involved in furnace installation Overland Park, KS, and it's essential to ensure you've got everything covered. 

Here's a quick guide to preparing your home for the big day.

Schedule some time off work

This is one of those projects you're going to want to be around for, at least part of the time. The furnace installation process can take a few hours, and it's always good to be on hand if the installers have any questions, such as where you want the thermostat located. Plus, you'll want to be around to test out the furnace once it's up and running. If you can't take the day off, see if someone else in your household can be home instead.

Clear a path to the furnace

During the furnace installation Overland Park, KS, your installers will need to access your unit, so make sure there's a clear path from the front door to the furnace room. If possible, try to move any obstacles out of the way entirely. Otherwise, just make sure there's enough space for the installers to maneuver around them. This will make their work a lot easier and quicker.

Remove any personal items from the area

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The installers will be working in and around your furnace, so any personal items in the area could quickly get damaged. It's best just to remove them from the room entirely, just to be safe. Have this one prepared before the day of furnace installation Overland Park, KS comes.

Clean up the area

The installers will appreciate it if you take some time to clean up the furnace room before they arrive. This will help them do their job more efficiently, and it will also help you avoid any potential damage to your personal belongings.

If you let them clean the area, it won't just extend the time needed for the installation but might also cost you more when there are charges, in some cases.

Turn off all the power

Before the installers arrive for furnace installation in Overland Park, KS, turn off all the power to the furnace room. This includes electricity and gas. Once the installers are finished, they'll need to turn the power back on, so make sure you know where the switches are.

Make sure you have all the necessary permits

Before the installers can begin work, they'll need to ensure you have all the necessary permits. The permit requirements vary depending on your location, so check with your local authorities before the installers arrive.

Preparing your home for furnace installation Overland Park, KS might seem like a lot of work, but it's really not that bad. Just take some time to clear the way, remove any personal belongings, and turn off the power, and you'll be all set. The installers will take care of the rest.


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