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Keep Allergies At Bay With AC Installation

Apr 22

air conditioning installationWhat if you could fight off allergies with air conditioning installation Heber Springs, AR? True enough, staying home with your air conditioning running can help you prevent allergies because of the basic functionality of HVAC systems. 

With a properly maintained AC unit, you can effectively reduce and get rid of harmful air pathogens or allergens that can trigger allergies. Having an efficient air conditioning unit can help you breathe with ease while keeping your environment cool.

How Can Your AC Unit Prevent Allergies?

High-Quality Air Filters

Having high-quality air filters can help trap dirt and allergens from the air, then filtered or cleaned before it’s pushed back into your home. Air filters must be changed regularly to ensure better cleaning power. It’s also recommended to go for high-quality filters to remove tiny particles of pathogens and allergens like pet dander and pollen. 

Air Purification and Air Scrubbing

Most air conditioning systems allow the installation of air purification and air scrubbing devices. With that in place, you can easily treat indoor air and remove harmful allergens or pathogens that can wreak havoc on your immune system. 

Ducts for Enhanced Airflow

Clean and well-maintained ducts can easily filter dust, dirt, allergens, and harmful microbes so you can enjoy fresh indoor air. This also helps lower your energy costs with less strain.

Control Humidity

Your AC system has a functionality that controls humidity. Doing so can also help kill mold growth in your home. Get air conditioning installation Heber Springs, AR, and get rid of your allergic triggers today.

How to Remove Allergens at Home

In order to control allergy triggers, you must eliminate the source of allergens. Here are proven ways to do that:

  • Stop the Entry of New Allergens. Seal all openings and cracks at home which would include door and window openings. Doing so will help prevent new allergens from getting into your home and causing you to get sick with seasonal allergies or rhinitis. Insulating and sealing cracks in your house will help keep new allergens out while ensuring that you have an efficient and relaxing temperature conducive to the entire family. 
  • Replace Air Filters. Clean air filters help you breathe freely. Follow a strict schedule when changing air filters which are normally 3 to 9 months. Choose an air filter that has a high MERV rating (11 or higher) that shows how an air filter can effectively trap dust and other harmful pathogens from entering our body. With this system, you are able to maintain better indoor air quality and a clean home for the entire family.
  • Know Your Filtration Needs. What is comfortable for you may not be sufficient for another.  Having good air filtration will help you achieve a healthier respiratory system and add to your degree of comfort. 

Ward Off Allergies with a Reliable Air Conditioning System

Your AC system can be your strongest ally against allergens. Getting rid of indoor allergies is easy if you have a higher filter grade that can clean the air and remove allergens. Additionally, you can also install air scrubbers and air purifiers that can purify the air from mold, bacteria, pollens, and the like.

With the right air conditioning installation Heber Springs, AR, you can easily free your home from dangerous allergens to keep you and your family healthy. They have a wide range of AC services to choose from. Contact Julian Heat and Air to request a free estimate and to get started with your air conditioning installation today. The company installs only the highest quality brands to ensure comfort for years.