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4 Tips You Should Know About Gas Furnace Installation

Apr 9

If you’re living in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ve probably noticed the winters getting colder. It’s now time to upgrade your heating system, and you’re probably looking to get a gas furnace installed. Like any significant investment in your home, it also requires planning and even professional help.


Before heading out to find the right equipment and get your furnace installation started, you should know four essential things.

Find the Right Furnace Size

Like an air conditioner, the furnace needed for heating also depends on several factors. It’s not always going for the largest, the strongest, or the most expensive. Remember that choosing the right furnace size for your home will give you the warmth you need and the most savings in utility bills. The right furnace will provide you with your money’s worth. Choose something small, and it won’t heat up enough. Get something too big, and it gets too hot, too fast.


Additionally, you’d want to find something that specifically suits your geographical climate. You can ask furnace installation experts in Phoenix, AZ about the right equipment. They can give you recommendations that perfectly fit your needs.

Inspect the Ducts

After choosing the right furnace, you should check the ducts and air vents where heated air will pass through. Usually, an HVAC technician or the same professionals for your furnace installation in Phoenix, AZ can do the job.


You can have a perfectly-sized gas furnace and still end up using it inefficiently. Leakages in your air duct allow temperature-regulated air to pass through, making it more challenging to reach the right warmth for the rooms in your home. Losses in ductwork can set you back hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year.

Choose the Right Thermostat

Once you get your gas furnace up and running, there’s not much for you to do aside from periodically checking on it if it’s not working as it should.


From your end, a programmable thermostat lets you control the temperature of your house. You can leave it in a particular setting, which is excellent for regulating your home even if you’re away. Some thermostats let you set temperatures for each day of the week. Other models separate the weekdays and the weekends with a 5-2 programming option.


Additionally, there are tips on choosing and installing a thermostat in your home. For example, in general, thermostats aren’t placed near electrical appliances, lighting switches, heating and cooling registers, chimneys, windows, doors, and other places exposed to sunlight. Everyone who does furnace installation in Phoenix, AZ, is familiar with these requirements.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve had the furnace, ductwork, and even the thermostat running, you can start enjoying your warm home. However, getting everything started is only the beginning. To ensure you enjoy a well-heated home for years to come, make sure to schedule regular maintenance work to get the entire heating system checked. Getting the furnace tuned up keeps it running in tip-top shape and minimizes the risk of breaking down when you least expect it.


Aside from the regular preventive maintenance work on the furnace, you can also tap the furnace installation people in Phoenix, AZ as they know the ins and outs of that particular model. They’d also check the electrical connections, ductwork, and condensate drain.


Get A Furnace Installation Team Today

Having a new gas furnace installed isn’t a one-time thing; it requires your effort from the start until you get it running. This is why getting the right professional is vital to give you peace of mind.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy furnace installation company in Phoenix, AZ, check out Mountainside Air Conditioning & Heating. Feel free to contact them today and discuss your needs.