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A Guide to Refrigerant Leaks in Air Conditioners

Apr 1

ac repairYour AC needs the right level of refrigerant to provide conditioned cool air within your home, and a simple leak can turn your summer experience into a nightmare.

Aside from the uneven temperature in your living space, a refrigerant leak can put you in great danger because prolonged exposure can lead to life-threatening issues, including mental fatigue, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and seizures. 

So, when your air conditioning appliance is not as efficient as before, it’s time to contact the pros for immediate inspection and AC repair in London, ON. But you also have a responsibility as a homeowner, and understanding everything about a refrigerant is worth your time. 

What is a Refrigerant? 

A refrigerant is a substance in your air conditioning unit that absorbs environmental heat and provides conditioned air whenever it runs thru your AC evaporators and compressors. It comes in different types: chlorofluorocarbons, R22, and R410A.

The R22 was the standard refrigerant. But since it’s not environmentally friendly, it was phased out in 2020. The R410A, on the other hand, is more sustainable and efficient. 

Why Refrigerant in Air Conditioner Leaks

There are many reasons why the refrigerant seeps out your air conditioners’ copper coil. Some of them are highlighted below: 

Loose Lines

The refrigerant lines run from the condenser to the evaporator and from the evaporator to the compressor. That’s why they must be properly attached.

In case they are loose, never attempt to tighten them unless you have the tools and prior experience. But it’s always best to leave the job to a contractor with in-depth expertise in AC repair in London, ON


Air conditioners have metal components, including copper tube walls, which  can become corroded over time.

While rust may seem a simple problem, you have to take it seriously because it can cause cracks or holes in the coils. 

Improperly Installed Air Conditioner 

Incorrect installation of an AC could also increase the risk of a refrigerant leak because of improperly fitted components.

So, even if it’s tempting to work with local HVAC contractors that provide the cheapest services, nothing can beat the quality repair of a certified and licensed technician. 

What Are the Signs That Your Refrigerant is Leaking?

It’s easy to determine if there’s a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning unit. But it could be challenging for homeowners without any prior experience. 

The following are a few signs to look out for: 

Rotten Egg-Like Smell 

Sulfur is the main component of a refrigerant. Therefore, if you start to notice a rotten egg-like smell from your air conditioning system, this could be a sign that the chemical compound has already leaked out, and you have to act fast to avoid other potential problems. 

Suddenly Higher Electric Bills 

A crack in the copper coils can give your air conditioner a hard time keeping your home comfy, and when left unfixed for days, it can affect your monthly electric bills. 

While an AC repair in London, ON can be costly, a frequent unit breakdown will be more expensive than you have imagined in the first place. Thus, it’s wise to seek assistance from an expert immediately. 

Hissing or Bubbling Sound 

It’s normal for your air conditioner to create noise while running. But a bubbling or hissing sound is a different case as it could mean that your unit’s refrigerant is not at a normal level. For a better and more accurate diagnosis, a thorough inspection from an expert of AC repair in London, ON may help. 

Call MaxCare Heating and Cooling For Your AC Needs! 

DIY AC repair in London, ON has been a trend in the past years. But a refrigerant leak should be left to the expert like MaxCare Heating and Cooling.

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