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Why Is Your Furnace Not Responding to Your Thermostat?

Jan 13
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If you're adjusting the furnace temperature and notice that your HVAC unit is not responding or working as it should, there could be a number of reasons for this problem.

Check out the causes why your furnace isn’t working well in this article!

Thermostat Calibration

Imagine you have set your furnace at your desired temperature. Then, nothing changed in your room temperature, even if a few hours had passed. 

That could be uncomfortable. That’s why you have to contact an HVAC technician that provides furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX

While waiting for the professional to come, you ­may start checking whether the batteries in your thermostat are weak or dead. 

When the problem is only the battery, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible. Then, do not forget to calibrate your thermostat. If you haven’t tried doing it before, an HVAC expert can get the job done for you. 

Faulty Sensor

Let’s say the battery in your thermostat is still working. That’s good news. But what affects the heat output of your furnace? Do not forget to check the temperature sensor of your heating system as it might be faulty or not installed properly. 

After that, you may try resetting the sensor back to the factory set point. If it does not work, removing and replacing the sensor might be a good idea. For this job, ask for help from an HVAC professional with vast expertise in furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX

Loose or Disconnected Thermostat Wires 

A furnace that keeps turning on and off randomly without responding to your thermostat settings might indicate a wiring problem. It’s possible that the HVAC wires may have been accidentally cut when you move some of your furniture in the living room, and handling this problem yourself may not be ideal and safe.

Remember that it can be handled by a furnace service technician in Timberwood Park, TX

Furnace Wiring and Thermostat Reversed

What if you already calibrated the thermostat and replaced the temperature sensor, and it’s still cold in your living space? 

There’s a high chance that your furnace wiring may have been connected incorrectly. So, it would help if you reverse the connections between your thermostat and heating system to fix the problem. 

If changing thermostat batteries could be a DIY job, this one might be dangerous for those who do not have enough experience. You can leave the job to an expert in furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX. 

Outdoor Temperatures are Too Cold

In very cold climates where the outdoor temperature falls below freezing, some furnaces simply cannot maintain your desired temperature in your space. Generally, they will keep cycling on and off to protect themselves from freezing.

This is normal behavior for a heating system in these circumstances, and you won't be able to control its operation manually. In this case, a replacement might be helpful, and furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX got your back.

Broken Limit Switch 

A limit switch turns off your furnace when it reaches a certain temperature inside your home that is either too high or too low. This safety device prevents damage due to overheating while also preventing freeze-ups during cold weather conditions. The use of defective furnace limit switches may lead to complete failure of your heating system as a safety measure.

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